#100rejections — March Totals

Accountability check-in! But first, what is #100rejections anyway?

I have decided to set the literary goal of accumulating 100 rejections this calendar year to facilitate sustained efforts toward publication. Submitting multiple poems to one market and having them all rejected counts as one rejection. Having any number of poems in the packet accepted means that submission counts as an acceptance. I’m aiming for 120 submissions by September 30 to accomplish this.

March, 2017 — 8 Rejections, 1 Acceptance, 7 New Submissions
Year to Date, 28 / 5 / 37

  • The London Reader, Rejection
  • Bennington Review, Rejection*
  • Yemassee, Rejection*
  • Razor Literary Magazine, Acceptance
  • Gamut, Rejection*
  • A Public Space, Rejection*
  • Black Warrior Review, Rejection*
  • New England Review, Rejection*
  • The Adroit Journal, Rejection*

*The journals marked with an asterisk (*) satisfy my secondary literary goal of submitting to as many top-tier journals as possible. See my January Totals post for details.

Tune in next month for April tallies!