3 poems up at Leaves of Ink

Many thanks to E.S. Wynn for including my work!

A woman

knows about blood.
Pain is in her nature,
the kiss and pull of it, Read more at LoI

Demand your grief

demand your grief,
possess it like a lug
from the Jersey Shore … Read more at LoI


Tip the dire ferment of my thoughts on edge
a spinning dime that slows and rests,
at tension with insistent gravity… Read more at LoI



“On Breaking” up at Uppagus

Many thanks to Zig and Jude for creating a real thing in the world, and for letting me play, too.

Please note that some of these blog entries are short to encourage you to click through to the original journal to read, if available online. In the event the poem is no longer available for any reason or the poem(s) appeared in print only, I will post the text as published here on my blog, with purchase links to support the journal if applicable. Thank you!

“Parallax” up at Bird’s Thumb

This poem, appearing in the Feb 2018 issue of Bird’s Thumb, was one of those I really worked for, undergoing numerous revisions before it was abandoned (published). It contains references to a particular scientific effect in relation to two people within a relationship that is, well, circling the drain.

Thank you for giving it your attention, and many thanks to Nina and Sahar at BT for including my work!



3 poems in Gyroscope Review

“Heritage,” “Value Meal,” and “How to Build a Bridge” are all included in the Winter 2018 issue of Gyroscope review, available for purchase in print from Amazon, as a Kindle edition, or free downloadable PDF.

Good stuff in this issue, let me know what caught your eye!

Cover art, Gyroscope Review, Winter 2018. View all issues here.

18-1 Cover


“8am – 1pm” up at Front Porch Review

Yard sale poem 🙂 Some poems you never expect to see the light of day. Many thanks to Glen Phillips for including my work!

Front Porch Review, January 2018, Volume 10 Cover and issue link.

january 2018 cover


2 poems up at Ekphrastic Review

Ekphrastic poetry (poems inspired by and written about works of visual art) has always been interesting to me, how different media interact, imagery and words in close relation. I have a small (as yet unpublished) collection of such pairings, a selection from which Ekphrastic Review recently accepted and published, “nocturna.”

Take a look at it (or the other one, a reprint called “the angry boy“), and stay to read some of the other incredible work shared on the site. I see it as something of a window to the writer’s process. The paintings or photographs (or links to them) that inspired each poem are included for your viewing pleasure! Interesting stuff.

Many thanks to Lorette Luzajic for including my work.


“Woman of an Era” up at Riddled with Arrows

Woman of an Era,” inspired by  my writing process and Adrienne Rich, is now live in Issue 1.4 at Riddled with Arrows. Please give it and the wonderful work included in this journal a read. Many thanks to Shannon Connor Winward for including my poem!