3 poems up at Eunoia Review

(Un)Married: A Sestina in Temperatures,” “Aerodynamic,” and “For a boy to die” (trigger warning, child suicide) are up at Eunoia Review. Many thanks to editor Ian Chung for including my work. Please take a moment and peruse these and the others published on this fine online journal. Support the arts, they are trying to support you.


4 poems up at Anti-Heroin Chic

“Anatomy of Under,” “Sparking,” “Thoughts while digging in a patch of barren earth,” and one of the poems I have cherished for a long time, “the gift of no guarantees,” are all up at Anti-Heroin Chic today. Many, many thanks to James Diaz for the kind words and for including those babies of mine with that baby of yours. ❤



3 Poems up at Wraith Infirmity Muses

“Upwell,” “Transit, en masse,” and “Pompeii, A Documentary of Me,” plus a featured interview with yours truly are now live in the inaugural issue of Wraith Infirmity Muses. This links to the full poetry section — browse all content there or scroll down to read my poems. The issue also includes fiction, visual art and creative nonfiction.

WIM features work by and for those living with “invisible illness.” From the Word from the Editor note included with issue 1.1:

Wraith, when used in literary terms, is a wisp or faint trace of something. It can also mean ghost.  Infirmity, is a physical or mental weakness. This simply meaning an illness, disease, disorder, or frailty. Lastly, muses are sources, personified, as inspiration for an artist or writer. That illness that burdens some, burdens many, in which only traces are seen in rare circumstance by others or is invisible altogether. It is a ghostly, ghastly presence in some people’s lives. It creates a need to purge, becomes a muse and life is born. 

Many thanks to Pat for kindly including my work in this journal! Hope you enjoy.


“Walking the Bone Path” up at Razor

This journal does a “Before the Razor” feature that allows artists to share their creative process, specifically about the pieces that have been published in the issue. There is a lot of latitude given to the authors, who may interpret “essay” in a variety of ways. This is definitely worth digging into the Razor archives for! Some amazing and entertaining pieces there, and an interesting concept I haven’t seen offered anywhere else.

I was very excited to receive Razor’s acceptance of “Walking the Bone Path,” which included an invitation to participate in this series (you can read mine here). Many thanks to Baker and the editing team for including me in this great issue!