houses falling down — chapbook (20 pages)

Sinkhole-Fertilizer Plant

“As a native Floridian dealing with acute stress disorder, I am familiar with the mysteries of porous ground and swelling water.

These instabilities present at all levels of human experience, from the personal, to the interpersonal, to the societal. The ground beneath us may simply give at any moment, whether it’s a panic attack, a divorce, or a killing spree like the massacre at Parkland.

With this sandy soil, there are no guarantees.”

the necessary dreams — full length (58 pages)


“This collection maps my personal history and evolution against the evolution of our species. comparing the sometimes beautiful, sometimes poignant immediate with the epochal. The microcosm with the macrocosm.

This collection reflects my first project to encompass a collection-wide arc. The narrative that rises to the surface is not always expressed openly, but relates thematically in five separate themed chapters.”

minutes, poems — chapbook (29 pages)


“This collection is an homage to ‘the zone’ that some makers get into, where flow is sweet, inspiration sticks close, and production is fast.

As a single mother, a student, breadwinner and more, sometimes the only times I have to write are those 6 or 7 minutes while the pasta is on to boil. Finding that ‘zone’ became a necessity.

All of the poems in this manuscript were written in under 10 minutes, with up to 30 minutes of editing. It is intended to be raw, immediate, and personal, and frequently uses the stream-of-consciousness voice, which  accesses a different kind of storytelling than my narrative work.”


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